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Gujarat Mineral Development Corp. Ltd.
Mr. P.K.Soni (G.M. Project)

“Application of fuel cat has yielded excellent performance in saving of fuel cost in our O & K RH-30 excavators and haulpak 35 tonnage dumpers. Fuel Cat has yielded a saving of 9% approximately in fuel consumption.”

Kandla Port Trust.
Chief Mechanical Engineer

“In Tugs, we have installed it on CATERPILLAR Engines Model CAT – 3516 of 1275 KW (1710 BHP). We have found noticeable improvement in Fuel Efficiency.
This certificate is issued after 8 months of Tests and Trails of Fuel Cats on our Engines. We are satisfied with its performance.”

Irrigation Department – Gujarat State.
Mr. D.A. Thakkar (Executive Engineer, Irrigation Mech. Dn. No. 4)
Mr. K.C. Bharti (Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Mech. Circle No. 2)

“We have fitted fuel cat on our various vehicles and Heavy Equipments like, Ashok Leyland Trailers, Tata Hitachi Excavators, Ashok Leyland Tipper, BEML D-80 Dozers, and Dumpers etc. We have found reduced smoke in emissions and in fuel efficiency.
We have found fuel – Cat kit Environment friendly and Fuel Efficient.”


About Us

Welcome to a Clean, Green World, free from Pollution.

Who we are?
We are world leaders in pre-combustion fuel technology.

What we do?
We are manufactures of FUEL-CAT - THE ENVIRONMENTAL CATALYST. It is for the first time in the world Zeolites is applied and introuced in Pre-Combustion process by us.

It is not just a company but a movement to save our planet, from the dangers of Global Warming.

Presenting FUEL-CAT - For the Clean and Green world.

What you get?
FUEL-CAT is world’s first Enviornmental Catalyst, which gives cleaner emissions from engines, reduces pollution, delivers high performance & better fuel economy.

With FUEL-CAT you get Most Efficient and Energy Saving Combustion, which is Stoichiometric (perfect) Air-Fuel Mixture Ratios where all fuel is consumed giving Maximum Energy Efficiency, and Minimum Generation of Pollutants.

What you get from CANTOR CO2e?

For the benefits of the end users, Dharam International has tied-up with CANTOR CO2e, a leading global provider to the world’s Carbon Credits and other energy markets.

CANTOR CO2e (cantorco2e.com) is a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald (cantor.com) having 45 billons in assets. It has its headquarters’ in London and San Francisco. It has fourteen offices across Five continents. The company is ranked on top of the CNBC list of low Carbon pioneers. Our other shaholder is Mitsui of Japan (mitsui.com) one of the largest Japanese trading houses.

We and CANTOR CO2e will provide all assistance, consultancy, documentation and help the users of FUEL-CAT to earn Carbon Credits.

Dharam International has taken a small step towards a big cause.

FUEL-CAT is not just the solution but a movement for a cleaner, greener and better planet, for us and for the future generations.