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Gujarat Mineral Development Corp. Ltd.
Mr. P.K.Soni (G.M. Project)

“Application of fuel cat has yielded excellent performance in saving of fuel cost in our O & K RH-30 excavators and haulpak 35 tonnage dumpers. Fuel Cat has yielded a saving of 9% approximately in fuel consumption.”

Kandla Port Trust.
Chief Mechanical Engineer

“In Tugs, we have installed it on CATERPILLAR Engines Model CAT – 3516 of 1275 KW (1710 BHP). We have found noticeable improvement in Fuel Efficiency.
This certificate is issued after 8 months of Tests and Trails of Fuel Cats on our Engines. We are satisfied with its performance.”

Irrigation Department – Gujarat State.
Mr. D.A. Thakkar (Executive Engineer, Irrigation Mech. Dn. No. 4)
Mr. K.C. Bharti (Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Mech. Circle No. 2)

“We have fitted fuel cat on our various vehicles and Heavy Equipments like, Ashok Leyland Trailers, Tata Hitachi Excavators, Ashok Leyland Tipper, BEML D-80 Dozers, and Dumpers etc. We have found reduced smoke in emissions and in fuel efficiency.
We have found fuel – Cat kit Environment friendly and Fuel Efficient.”



MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and 1st time in the world.

FUEL-CAT is an Environmental Catalyst and is principally designed by artificially synthesized Inorganic material, which are solid and porous Zeolites. It is added with a mixture of CEM (Combustion Efficient Material) and PFM (Pollution Fighting Material) through which fuel is passed through creating a molecular sieve, where the fuel molecules are atomized (Stoichiometric Combustion - better air to fuel mix). Further when they are released through fine orifice of an Injector, Carburetor, Burner etc., the same fuel is nebulized i.e. it goes into the plasma form.

In short the molecules size of the fuel is reduced to the smallest size possible, without creating any pressure drop in the fuel-flow. This Fuel molecule has more air/oxygen that makes the fuel burn almost complete.

With FUEL-CAT you get Most Efficient and Energy Saving Combustion, which is Stoichiometric (perfect) Air-Fuel Mixture Ratios where all fuel is consumed giving Maximum Energy Efficiency, and Minimum Generation of Pollutants.

As the combustion increases you save on Fuel, which is very costly, and also the torque of the Engine increases giving more compression in the Engine. With this you enjoy perfect combustion and there is almost no Carbon deposition on the Engine walls and cylinders, also the old Carbon deposition, which existed, is slowly removed because of more compression heat, so the Engine stays clean reducing the maintenance cost.

FUEL-CAT reduces knocking or pinging (Detonation) which can cause serious engine damage as the uncontrolled burning of the fuel can create very high pressures in the cylinder.

In case of Burners and Boilers the liquid fuel is converted to semi-gaseous form, this increases the exposed surface area before the combustion occurs.

Good atomization will minimize the non evaporated droplets improving combustion efficiency and destruction of the fuel-waste.

The smaller molecules are easier to vaporize providing better mixing. Ideal molecule size with FUEL-CAT is 40 to 80 microns range. When this molecules are injected to through burner in to the Furnace or Boiler gives maximum thermal efficiency, more cleaner burn, less emissions, less Carbon deposition on surfaces and less noise.

The finer molecules reacts with Oxygen for cleaner burn, which gives more efficiency, more power, better mileage, less pollution.